What is "zbooks"?

zbooks is a jQuery driven bookmarklet generator. It simplifies the process of creating an executable bookmark so that you can spend more time creating cool tools, and less time trying to just get them to work.

How does it work?

Simply fill out the zbooks generator form with the following information:

Once you are sure the information entered is correct, generate the bookmarklet.

How do I write the bookmarklet script?

There are two important functions, zbooks.init and zbooks.repeat. zbooks.init is called the first time the bookmarklet is run when the scripts are successfully initialized. zbooks.repeat is called every subsequent time the bookmarklet is run. Both functions have one parameter, which is the jQuery object for the latest version of jQuery. It is suggested that you label the parameter '$' to use the common shorthand for jQuery, however this is not necessary. An example of the simplest of bookmarklet scripts is as follows:
zbooks['bookmarklet_id'].init = function ($)

zbooks['bookmarklet_id'].repeat = function($)

How do I save my bookmarklet?

Drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar.

How do I stop?!?

Hit refresh and the page you were on will return to normal. Ctrl + F5 will work on some browsers to force the page to refresh.